Are you sure that the other party is as invested as you?

Would you like to know exactly what they’re thinking about the deal?

What is the maximum target you can set in the current situation?

Reading people, analyzing situations and reaching your goals using the secrets tool of interpersonal communication.

Alon Efrat, PhD

 The Interpersonal Academy

People Expert • Executive Consultant • Mediator and negotiation

Alon Efrat is a former senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office, where he held many positions at headquarters and in the field, specializing in the interpersonal world and making decisions under conditions of uncertainty. He is currently a lecturer and consultant to organizations, groups and individuals. Facilitates complex management and interpersonal processes and conflict resolution in the business, public and social sectors. In addition, Alon is a doctoral student in business administration, a lecturer in negotiation at Tel Aviv University and a certified mediator.

Alon combines rich managerial experience with unique insights from the world of intelligence, academic depth alongside the ability to understand and access the target audience.

Our content is delivered in four circles of your choice

  • Lecture
  • Workshop
  • Personal Guidance
  • Group Process

The Academy's Program

Negotiation Course
2 - 6 Sessions. Tailored specifically for Sales
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From Boss To Partner
Two half days. (Special Techniques)
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Complex Conversation
3-6 hours, Based around Harvar's method.
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Motivation Without Authori
3-5 hours, Managing discussion
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Mediation Skills
4-6 Sessions, Most suitable for individuals and small groups
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Research as a tool for improvement and growth
1 - 3 sessions, Based on IDF methodology
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Interpersonal Management in a complex world - Premium Lecture
60-120 Minutes of insight from the world of intelligence
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