Negotiation Skills

2-6 Sessons
Decision making according to game theory, biases and failures in negotiations, styles and levers on the negotiating table. Multi-participant and intercultural negotiations. The leading negotiation method from the University of Michigan.
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Management Of Complex Conversations

3-6 Hours
Cracking the secret of conveying a complex message to an employee, customer or partner. A very effective method for managers. Includes practice adapted to the environment and organizational culture of the participants. Delivered according to the Harvard method.
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Mediation Skills

4-6 Sessions
The figure of the mediator as a leader in change in the organization. Mediation principles, mediation stages, solutions and agreements for interpersonal issues in the organization. The workshop is based on the syllabus of a mediation course according to the rules of the Ministry of Justice. Mandatory course for outstanding employees in the organization.
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Interpersonal Management In A Complex Enviroment

3-5 Sessions
A unique glimpse into the world of intelligence. Spy stories and their connection to the business world. Premium Lecture.
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From Boss To Partner

Two Half Days
Unique approach to managing interfaces and collaborations along and across the organization street. And providing tools for effective communication management. Core workshop for managers and employees.
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Spy in the City

Half Day Of A Lifetime Experience
During three hours, participants experience a spy movie. In an authentic, urban outline, participants thwart terrorist activity. On the way they act as a team, perform situation assessments, step out of the comfort zone and enjoy the frenzy. Emphasis on the experience versus learning according to the client's request.
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Motivation Without Authority

3-5 Hours
Tools for dealing with various factors in the organization in response to the style of communication and the organizational situation. Motivation for action throughout the organization and managing meetings effectively.
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Research as a tool for learning and growth

1-3 Sessions
Doing in the organization as a platform for learning and growth. Using a unique methodology based on the principles of operational inquiry, professional insights emerge. The team is formed as a learning and growing unit.
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