Alon Efrat. PhD,  is a Negotiation expert, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University, a mediator, a management consultant in the business, public and social sectors.

Until recently, Alon served in senior field positions in the Prime Minister’s Office, where he gathered unique and significant experience around the world. Alon graduated from the Navy Navy with a rich command experience. Alon specializes in analyzing complex situations in a changing environment and under conditions of uncertainty, while constantly striving for achievements.

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The ability to dismantle an interpersonal situation in a way that conveys the insights and complexities that arise throughout the process, the combination of simplification and demonstration, practice and analysis, discussion and conceptualization have made Alon an expert in the field.

The combination of three decades of complex field and management roles and academic depth creates significant value for the participants in the various programs that receive enthusiastic responses among graduates from all sectors.

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Alon completed his bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration with honors from the College of Management. Alon completed his master’s degree in negotiation and conflict resolution with honors at Bar Ilan University, while completing a certificate as a certified mediator in business and family specialization.

Alon completed an advanced business negotiation course at the University of Michigan and is currently working on a doctoral dissertation in business administration in the field of negotiation.

Alon’s doctoral dissertation in management discusses advanced tools for training interpersonal skills.

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About dogs and humans

Alon believes that every dog deserves a person who will love him. With determination and love, he found a warm home for dozens of dogs from the Raanana Kennel and the Hever-Li Association. Lily, his own dog became the center of the house. Sje was rescued just before the end from her dogs that were about to close.
Although the doctors did not give her more than two years to live, thanks to the love and dedication of the family members, Lily recently celebrated her tenth birthday.

Games of life

Alon conveys the value of cooperation to the next generation in schools and boarding schools for at-risk youth from the Israeli and Arab sectors through unique workshops as part of volunteering at the Sparks Association.